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Piclo Stackable Stool

Piclo is designed to be simple yet practical and can be manufactured with minimum material. Hand welded with 5052 aluminum to enforce structural strength and minimize the weight. Its side is tapered with a barely noticeable angle, which allows it to be stacked. The round bar on the top provides a comfortable gripping point as well to enhance visual thickness.

H 17"  W 14.5"  L 13.4"
Seat Width 14"
Slot Height 9.1"

Stool 11.9 ortho-01.png

Color Ways

_79A9792 拷贝.jpg
_79A9760 拷贝.jpg
_79A9785 拷贝 2.jpg
_79A9729 拷贝.jpg
_79A9768 拷贝 2.jpg
_79A9717 拷贝.jpg
Stool 3 Render_edited.jpg
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