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Lincoln Chen is a furniture and lighting designer based in Pasadena, California. He graduated from the ArtCenter College of Design's Undergraduate Product Design program in 2020, where he developed strong skills in form development, user experience design, and mechanical engineering. In April 2023, he completed his master's degree in Furniture, Lighting, and Fixture Design at ArtCenter and received three awards in the SIT Furniture Design Award. In May of the same year, he showcased his design, the Klein Lounge Chair, as an exhibitor at ICFF/Wanted Design 2023 in New York. Lincoln's designs reflect his commitment to blending rational thoughts and contemporary aesthetics seamlessly. His meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout his work, as he carefully handles even the smallest elements.

Gate 6 rendering.245.jpg
_79A9792 拷贝.jpg
_79A0092 copy.jpg
_79A0252 拷贝.jpg
_79A0415 copy.jpg
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